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Magic Sports International Pte Ltd (MSS) is an extreme sports institution providing groups and individuals with training and the opportunity to participate in competitions. The primary sports activity is in-line skating, in which we provide comprehensive and professional courses for various purposes, from leisure to competition. Within a short span of 4 years, MSS today is positioned as a professional corporate training institution, offering a unique model of training that leverages on the characteristics of sports itself.

Ignited by Passion

In the summer of 2005, a group of enthusiasts gathered for an ordinary skating session and as the group of boys were sharing videos of the International Skate Competition held that year, the inquisitive watched in silence as he realised the absence of the Singapore flag at the back drop of the podium. It is therefore a sense of patriotism, passion and desire to share this extreme sports with more people that brought forth the birth of Magic Sports in Singapore.

Humble Beginings

With a clear goal, our founder (the inquisitive), established a skating school with a fellow skate enthusiast in 2006. It all started with small scale sessions with children at East Coast Park and the duo soon came to realise that progress was slow and sustainability is a key to achieving the ultimate goal. The answer was to leverage on a successful franchise.

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