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Here at MSS, sports is more than just sweating it out and keeping fit. Sports is a way of life and our founders have found a unique way in which the very nature of sports can be uniquely integrated with personal training such as confidence building and team bonding. At the very bottomline, we decided to let our clients have fun while training!

MSS offers a wide range of corporate training for both groups and individuals. Training objective covers a diverse scope of subjects and our methodology is not restricted to just inline skating. MSS Corporate Training packages include both local and overseas facilities, and leverage on activities such as paint ball, canoeing, mountain biking, outdoor survival camping etc, to meet the obejctives of the training program.

Corporate Group Training

MSS provides corporate training for companies seeking to upgrade skills and efficiency in their human resource.

  • Training Programs are designed and formed to meet the following objectives;

  • Bonding for work efficiency

  • Building Stress & Mental Strength

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Company Retreat


MSS can also provide customised programs, specifically tailored to meet the objective(s) of the client. Our experienced consultants will make a visit for an orientation meeting, seeking to understand the operations and flow of the company. This shall then be followed by a proposal for the program, high-lighting the activities and corresponding goals to ensure objective(s) are met.

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