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At its most fundamental operations, MSS provides coaching programs for both individuals and groups interested in inline-skating. Depending on the player’s level of proficiency, our coach is able to provide professional and safe lessons according to the progress of individual players. Even in a group, our coaches are trained to pay attention to individuals and assist accordingly as part of our advocate on safe practicing. MSS offers the following lessons;

  • Freshmen Blading Course

  • Intermediate Blading Course

  • Advanced Blading Cource


Equipment & Gear


For beginners, you may want to visit our e-store to purchase your very own set of skate equipment and gear. Alternatively, you may use the communal equipment and gear for a period of one (1) month through the lessons.

While MSS clean and maintain the communal equipment and gear to ensure proper hygiene standards are met, we strongly encourage each players have their very own set.

Can you bring your own set purchased from other source? Of course !

8.00am-9.00am   Private/Group  
9.30am-10.30am Private/Group level 1 & 2 level 1-5
11.00am-11.30am   level 1-1  
11.00am-12.00pm Private/Group level 3,4, &5 level 1-5
2.00pm-3.00pm level 1-5 level 1-5 Private/Group
3.00pm-3.30pm   level 1-1  
3.30pm-4.00pm level 1-5 level 1-5 Private/Group
5.00pm-6.00pm level 1-2, FS level 1-2, FS Private/Group

Download the full schedule for the month here

MSS currently hold lessons every weekends at East Coast Park. The following are our schedule. Each Batch are not to exceed 12 players for safety reasons. You may wish to include youself into an on-going lesson or to start from the beginning, contact us to book your slot.

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